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An idea for 2017

So I had an idea. Last year was up and down a bit, when you’re freelance, its very easy to sleep in until noon, wack a movie on, walk around in your pajamas and just eat cornflakes all day. There were definitely a couple of days that felt like that.

This year I feel like I need to push myself and to stay motivated. I’ve decided to make $100 every day in 2017. It can be from selling something on Ebay, making a skateboard graphic for someone, or going and working in a coal mine, doesn’t matter. That will be my motivation when I wake up, don’t slack off until you’ve achieved that goal. Well I’ve done it every day so far, only 360 more to go, how hard can it be? If I miss a day for any reason then I have to make it up the next day, if I make $3000 one day, it doesn’t matter, I still have to go back the next day and make $100.

I did have a couple of projects that I had worked on last year that needed invoicing, a Magenta board, so that was my first invoice. Then I sold some cabin prints, so that helped. I’ve been on a mission though, pitching stuff to people, finishing projects that I’ve slacked on. It feels good, I’ll keep you posted.


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