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True Detective first season


The show was SO good. I thought the last episode fell flat on its face though.

I mean, it wasn’t LOST or Heroes Season 2 disappointing, but there were definitely things that they should have addressed, things that they had built up and left unanswered.

The Yellow King was never addressed or explained. Dora Lange had said she’d met a  king, the guy with the scars who humps his own sister and keeps his dead father in his house doesn’t come across as a king by any stretch of the imagination. Personally I think Tuttle was the Yellow King but he got taken out when Rust Cole broke into his safe and took that tape, so that wasn’t addressed at all.

Carcosa, to me this was a place that these rich powerful people all came to do weird ritual shit.  Cool, I get that, Yet again though, it’s actually just some inbred hillbillies back yard.  Doesn’t add up to me. I just can’t see rich , powerful people going out to hang out with a gardener in the arse of nowhere.

Reggie Ladeux, said so much stuff before he got killed. Talking about the Black Stars, time being a flat circle and all that stuff. Could have been way better instead of just writing him off as being crazy, that there was something to that. Also Reggies partner when he says, “I can see your soul, it’s corrosive” all that should have been given a tiny bit of substance.

My main problem was that they opted for a cheap scenario that we’ve seen a million times before, Texas Chainsaw Massasre, Red Dragon type crazy inbred living in a house with jars of his own piss and humping his own sister, That was the big finale? I was really looking for more substance, I wanted links to Reggie LaDeux’s ramblings to mean something, for them in all their craziness to have a deeper perception of the world somehow and for them to scratch the surface of that. I wanted more of a David Lynch Twin Peaks vibe, the black lodge type thing. Make another world that’s illusive, that the crazy people have all seen and exist in. It just didn’t happen.


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