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I look pretty serious here don’t I? It was shortly before the Video Nasty Premier in LA (June 26th 2013)  So that may explain things.

It’s been an action packed summer. Rogie finished editing Video Nasty and that premeired all over the world which was rad. I got married to Jennifer two days after the Los Angeles Premier.  We went to the desert and got married, it was really nice. Then we went on holiday to the South, flew in to Atlanta, then borrowed her mums car and drove through Tennessee stayed in Memphis, drove down through Mississippi to Louisiana, stayed in New Orleans for a few days, then went down through Alabama and stayed in Florida for a while and drove back up through Alabama through Georgia. It was rad, we saw alligators, shot guns, ate a lot of BBQ, typical stuff that you’d expect in the South. It was a rad part of the world. Oh we even went to Graceland, that was awesome.

Just before we left on our trip we moved into an amazing new house in Eagle Rock, its the nicest place either of us have ever lived. We wake up every day and feel so thankful to be living here.

I’m still doing my radio show, but my fosfm.com site is down at the moment. So I don’t know what’s up with that, you can listen to the old stuff at kchungradio.org. It’s in the archive. I’m live every Thursday night at 9.00 pm.



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