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I always thought that Green Skittles were the best flavour. Strange, because green ones aren’t so good in other sweets, like Fruit Pastels, Starburst (Formerly known as Opal Fruits), Fruit Gums, Wine Gums, Midget Gems, Jelly Babies. In that case I tend to favour the red or black colours.

I even wrote a story once about how green skittles are made in a separate factory than the other flavours. I’ve lost that now though, or I’d post it. Lost on a hard-drive from another time.

Anyway, my point is that I changed my mind today. Red Skittles are the best.

I don’t touch the purple ones now that I’m living in America, they’re grape flavor, and it tastes like something you’d use to clean toilets. Take me back to England where they have Blackcurrant ones, strange what you miss about home. I wouldn’t eat more than a couple of packs of Skittles a year and here I am banging on about them.



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