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Paintings for Sale and that.

Right. As people might or might not know I’m moving to L.A. So I’m trying to clear stuff out of my house. I have a lot of artwork that’s been in various shows here and there and a lot of people have been tapping me up and asking if they can buy stuff, but I never have a site to direct em to, or images of my work or anything, I’m badly organised I know, but I just like drawing skateboard graphics, drinking coffee and skateboarding. So, yeah I don’t have time to get on the whole artwork thing usually. But here goes. So these are all for sale at real good prices I reckon, cos I’m not trying to make a load of cash or anything, I just want them to have good homes with people who appreciate em, and then they don’t go into storage for years. These are all works that I’ve made from anywhere from 1996 till current. Hit me up on heroinurethane@hotmail.com if you’re interested in any of these. We’ll work out shipping, but these are all in London right now.

Alone, Acrylic on Canvas, 20" x 27" (That's inches) Approximately 2003. £60-SOLD

Ghost in the Desert. Acrylic on Canvas, 20" x 27" 2003 Approx. £60

Chima Demon, Original Artwork for the Real Skateboards Chima Ferguson Demon board graphic. 2010. 9" x 11.5" £50. Framed.-SOLD

Original Art for the Deer Man Pro Ball Graphic from 2009. Pen and Ink, with Spray paint and Griptape. 9" x 11.5". £50-SOLD

Diamond Signed Digital Print. 27/30, 2007. Last print I own from a run of 30. 17" x 20". Framed £50 - SOLD

Paisley Ghosts. Ink on Paper 2008. 20.5" x 20.5" Framed. £50-SOLD

Painting on Card that I did in SF in 1996. 22" x 28". Acrylic, Crayon, Stickers on card. £80-SOLD

Latest in my series of Diamonds paintings and the only one I own right now. Acrylic and Spray on Canvas, 30" x 30" x 1.5" £100.-SOLD

Early work from 1997, Acrylic, 22" x 28". Crayon and stickers on card. £80-SOLD

Selection of a few little canvas's. 3" x 4" or 4" x 5". Sold Separately £15 each. ALL SOLD.

Divine Grace, Acrylic on Canvas, 10" x 12". 2006 £25 - SOLD

TOTAL WAR, Acrylic on Canvas, 10" x 12" 2006. £25 - SOLD

Kill Me, Acrylic on Canvas, 10 x 12, 2011. £25. - SOLD

This Heart isn't yours anymore. Acrylic and Griptape on Canvas. 10" x 12". 2011. £25 - SOLD

Toxic Mutation Series drawings for Heroin Skateboards. These are the original drawings from that Toxic Mutation board series that are currently out. I drew these in 2010. 17" x 20" £60.- SOLD

Power and the Glory. Acrylic on Canvas, 2011. 30" x 30". £80. - SOLD


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  1. Amazing art work and great paintings. Keep up the good work going on.

    February 2, 2012 at 10:38 am

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