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Rubbish Blog right? Never any updates.

Couldn’t agree more. That’s why its a secret blog, cos I’m busy living my life and I can’t be arsed to sit in front of a computer and update this little thing, if it’s sunny I’ll be out skating, if its wet I’ll probably be inside drawing and that. So anyway. I have a few minutes to update this. What have I been up to? Hmmm. Not much, went to the USA as you can see, got obsessed with Semi Automatic weapons, had an art show in Boston, ate six hot dogs, got my photo on the wall and a free tee shirt then puked, went to Hawaii, jumped off some cliffs and nearly drowned, rented a place in L.A. for a month, had amazing times with all my awesome friends out there, then came back to London and had a letter from the council telling me to cut the bush in my front garden cos it was obstructing the pavement. Had friends visit from L.A. Rogie came down and got drunk for 5 days straight. I’m heading to Paris in June for a show and to skate and see my homies.  Thats you up to speed, if you need to know any more just call me or write a letter or something. Or better still meet me at Stockwell and we’ll skate and get coffees.

Anyway, I suppose some news is that one of my paintings sold at a Charity auction for $500 at the weekend. Here’s a picture of the little fellow.

I have a show currently happening in Boston, and a lot of people have hit me up about buying work and I never bother getting back to anyone, cos I’m always super busy, but I’m gonna post a load of paintings that are available in the next few days. So just tap me up if your life isn’t complete without one of these guys. I’m selling everything I own and moving to L.A. too by the way.



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