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Back in L.A. for a little bit. Been having a lot of fun like I usually do here. Nick Stansfield was out for a  little while, so I took him to shoot guns of course and he made quite an impression on both myself and my American friends with  heavy quotes like “Ice Cubes last longer over here”, “If I fly at night will it still be dark above the clouds?” and many more. Come back Nick, I miss you son.

Here are a couple of Iphone photo’s I shot.

"Hey Boss, I'm gonna be late to work today cos my Mercedes exploded into a ball of fire on the freeway" Poor guy.

Man, girls in L.A. are hot, these aren't girls though these are insane transvestites that I saw on the bus. When I'm in London I drive a BMW 325i, when I'm in L.A. I get on the bus and sit with the trannies.


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  1. haha like!

    March 31, 2011 at 5:10 pm

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