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Okay, so I’m bad at updating this thing, that doesn’t make me a bad person though, geez. Get off my back. Actually, no-one reads this anyway because I’ve only told about five people about it. So it doesn’t matter, no pressure.

So I keep extending my L.A. trip because I’m having way too much fun, er I mean, I’m doing a lot of work on various projects…

Finished some new Baker boards, can’t blog em yet though cos they’re not coming out till next year as far as I know. Been shooting guns a bit, drawing, eating, having fun, it’s been good. Everyone back home says the weather is freezing, so I’m staying out here for a bit longer. I’m going to see Gwar in a couple of weeks, I saw Slayer the other night, here’s a picture of Tom Araya from Slayer, they were brutal, kind of makes everything else in the blog seem a bit tame now. Oh, I’m going to the premier of the new Toy Machine video tonight.




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