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Welcome to my blog,this is me after I slammed to fuck on my elbow last December and broke it, the thing went purple for a month, luckily no cast though. It’s all better now. So yeah, I used to update the Heroin website blog and use that as my personal one kind of, putting all about sweets and coffee and that but I figured we should try and put footage up there a bit more regularly instead of just me banging on about crap. Anyway, this is it, first post on my new blog, all the pressure is on me now, what if it’s shit and no-one bothers coming to this anymore? Well, I actually don’t care really, it’s just a place to write down shit and show some images of work that I’ve been doing recently.  That’s what I needed more than anything, just a place to show all the new crap I’ve been doing, cos besides Heroin, Landscape and Altamont I do a bit of work for other folks sometimes, and I do paintings and stuff still, so might put some of them up one day. Or maybe I’ll just blog about sweets and coffee and seeing Gwar shows, who knows?


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