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U.S. Election Special

In a few hours these words will be irrelevant.

The country that I live in will have elected Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump as their President.

I write these words sat on my bed in Eagle Rock, East Los Angeles, wondering how it came to this. My wife is upset, crying in fact, let down that as a nation it has come down to Donald Trump being a candidate for presidency. We’ve seen this wretched thing transpire over the past few months and its been awful. She may have given herself an ulcer, sick with worry. Can we sue the government for that? Or the Republican party?

Bernie Sanders was always our favorite, a real agent of change for the better, a working class lad, who understands the people, not a corrupt career politician in bed with the banks and oil companies, not a billionaire idiot who’s only answer to everything is to shout meaningless nonsense and degrade women, different races, and the disabled.

So thats what it has come down to. Trump or Hilary. In a few hours we will know. We hope to god that Hilary wins because Trump seems like a villain from Sin City to me. Its like Frank Miller made him up or something. Nobody can really be that bigoted, egotistical, and vile in real life can they? Well, apparently they can, and half the country thinks he’d make a good president.

I’m not going to leave the country if this idiot wins. I’m not going anywhere.

Sad to see you go…

I love you Britain, but you let me down today.

I saw a glipse of this in the riots of 2011, when I was getting ready to leave.

Scum crept out of the gutters and burnt down family owned businesses and looted shops all across London.

It was saddening, that or once great nation and the country where I grew up stooped to that level.

Today we did it again.

The silly upper class toffs that run this country have whipped the plebs into such a frenzy that they’ve gotten together and voted us out of the EU.

Immigrants were blamed, they always are, thats what the upper class Etonians threaten the working classes with “They’re going to take your jobs” (Not out jobs, running the country, cutting benefits of the needy, hiding money in off shore accounts, claiming outrageous amounts of expenses, but your job in the factory)

Well done idiots. The pound just hit the lowest its been since 1985 within moments of this news happening. This is just the beginning.

Bath Salts video announced

Seems like it’s all getting a little easier, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, tumblr, snapchat all the rest of it. I just opened this on my phone and this will be my first phone post. Weird. If it works alright maybe I’ll post a little more often. 

Anyway. We just announced out new video. Bath Salts. 

Here’s the trailer. 


Been a while…

Been a while. Here are some direct links to recent radio shows that I’ve done.

Brandy Row

Eric Dressen

Jerry Hsu

Vice Interview






Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.39.33 AM


My friend Jason writes for Vice UK, strangely he’s not a sarcastic 20 year old who writes about how great drugs are or how boring all music is or how he’s totally over everything like most other Vice writers. He’s a real skateboarder, and so I agreed to do an interview with him. My friend Jerome was over in L.A. a few months ago and we shot these photo’s, they were going to get used for something else, but we used em for this instead. Thanks all that helped out on this.



Active Burbank mural

Painted a mural at Active Burbank for Altamont a couple of years ago, popped in to see them today and to my suprise they haven’t painted over it yet. Hyped.



Having a show at Kingswell on June 14th, (The date changed from the 7th) nobody knows yet, I’m painting for it now, should be a fun one. This is a tapes painting that I just finished but that got auctioned off yesterday at a charity fundraiser for the Etnies skatepark in Lake Forest.

First tapes painting April 23rd 2014.

First tapes painting April 23rd 2014.